OUR VISION – To bring the world closer through handwritten letters.

The fact that you are currently viewing this page means you are taking your first steps towards bringing a smile to a young refugee’s face. Congratulations ! This is the actualization of the “Starfish Story” where we believe that helping just one child is still as powerful and transformative as helping many. There are many ways to support our initiative, each is outlined below. Remember, every click makes a difference!


You’re about to send a simple postcard composed of a warm and supportive letters and a happy picture. This act will brighten a child’s prospective of the future through showing them that the world stands in solidarity with them, that they have not been forgotten. Your letter will be a token of appreciation amongst a sea of struggle, and that within itself is extremely moving – just wait till you see the responses on New Year’s!

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Alongside spreading joy and hope to refugee communities in Turkey, we also strongly believe in the empowerment of the children of the world. Raising awareness among young people from all over the globe about the current refugee crises is a crucial step to securing a brighter future. Sensitisation teaches children critical thinking and empathy – both essential elements in their path to becoming changemakers and world leaders, who will one day transform the current status quo of humanity.

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While focusing on the humanitarian aspect in bringing about psycho-social change, we can not undermine the value of monetary benefits at the onset of refugee crises. We strongly believe in the maxim , ‘many a little makes a mickle’ and ergo, your humble donations shall be instrumental in delivering letters and for the credible work the UNHCR does around the world. Your donation could be the colourful postcard from a promising new friend expressing solidarity and the pair of woollen socks and other resources as decided by UNHCR-Gaziantep,Turkey that will safe guard the little one from frostbite this winter !

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