Brimming with curiosity, heart filled with tons of empathy, the desire to discover where the heart lies, on a continuous quest to conquer the dreams and a quench to learn – A Student.

 ‘I believe a child’s heart can only be won by love’ – On that note, young, vibrant and enthusiastic Simran Moryani began her journey of making a difference to humans that she connects the most to, children. Children that have similar desires, but are denied even the most fundamental liberty to live, love, educate and pursue their dreams. Simran, who has her roots from Nagpur, India currently functions as an exchange student in Brazil, contributes to the Letters of Love project as a Student Ambassador and has successfully gathered 2000+ letters and most significantly raised sensitisation in her vicinity, in every way she can. “I love making children happy because I believe a child’s heart can only be won by love! So, why not love be the air we live in? ,” she says.

Q.1 So when did the first spark trigger, to do what you do?

I guess the first big strike was in 2011. My dad is a lawyer and he kept telling me about people living in an impoverished state, struggling to get past every day in their lives. When dad and I used to drink coffee at our dining table after sunrise, he used to emphasize on subjects that deal with people in the midst of conflict and crisis!



Q.2 How did you reach out to the Letters of Love post office?

Letters of love, is one initiative that I truly adore. In 2017, I came across this project but I was unsure about the route to the organisation. After a few months the desire to be part of this brilliant team became much stronger. So, I left a message on the Instagram page to try my luck. I did not expect to get a reply, as there would be barrage of messages sent. But, I was on cloud nine when I got a reply from, Sharon. (Social media operators of Letters of Love).


Q.3 Under the aegis of Letters of Love, what is the kind of work you have undertaken until now?

I have managed to make 2000 cards until now and I have distributed them amongst my college mates so that students can scribe their personal messages. I recently, set up a stall at a book fare as well, where we used multiple props to make the event much more lively, interactive and interesting. Props that display, ‘Happy new year’ phrases, kisses, hugs, frames, emojis, etc. Taking notice of this event, a principal of another institute had approached us to do the same at another venue. I hope to reach out to many more participants, gather many more letters and send them to many more post offices in the future.  



Q.4 When did you decide to step out and make a difference?

It’s the simple human trait in me that prompted me to reach out to someone that is not as fortunate as I am.

Children are truly the closest to my heart!

I am often taken back by the catastrophe and hardship that surrounds children, who aren't the reason for the unprecedented consequences they are facing everyday. 


Q.5 Why do you think it’s necessary for a person from a privileged society to lend a Letter of Love to the ones in crisis?

 In order to alleviate a child out of misery, one doesn’t need to offer monetary assistance but, simple actions, a heartfelt message through a Letter of Love.


 Q.6. If you had to give a message to the leaders of the world, what would it be?

Today’s leaders MUST ingest a human element in themselves and provide assistance and homes to the millions of refugees striving every minute, every hour and every day. Today’s leaders should evade religion, caste and colour and collectively take a decision on the largest humanitarian crisis in the facade of the world. Today’s leaders should bind humanity by peace, without considering the poor as inferior.



Q.7 What would be your message of love to fellow citizens of the world?

I would like to request citizens to stop differentiating between a girl and a boy. It is important that we bridge the gender gap and reinforce it, into oneness and togetherness.

Help the ones in need! And don’t just see people suffering or just feel sad about it! Help them! Take action!

Because a single act could help change the world and make a difference!