Atlas – An interview with Noga

A desire to travel unexplored lanes,

with an Eye of a Tiger and

a determination to serve the society,

Noga plays the role of a student ambassador

for the Letters of Love project.

Q.1 How would you best describe yourself?

I would do everything at my disposal to materialize the factors that are important to me. I like to be associated with projects that serve to be solutions to the problems that strike a cord within.  


Q.2 When did you first become aware of the Syrian situation?

I came across the humanitarian crisis in Syria when I was 11 years old.


Q.3 Could you tell us about your first rendezvous with Letters of Love?

I heard about Letters of Love for the first time in July 2017. When I was in Seeds of Peace, my interaction with Pooja opened the doors to this amazing project.



Q.4 Under the aegis of Letters of Love, what is the kind of work you have undertaken until now?

With the heartfelt aid of my comrades in Seeds of Peace and a few Israeli friends, I helped to spread the idea of the Letters of Love project in Haifa and Israel.

We are visiting schools and trying to spread the message through every opportunity that comes our way.  


Q.5 What specifically prompted you to take action?

When I deciphered the problems around me I realized that the Letters of Love project is a great way to offer aid and bring about change .


Q.6 Why do you think it’s important for persons of all ages living in peaceful and privileged societies to be aware of the crisis in Syria and other conflict areas?

I believe that awareness will bring about change faster. When people comprehend their privilege in the society, change is inevitable.


Q.7 What do you think are the moral obligations of a civil society when societies in other parts of the world are facing a crisis of this magnitude?

People need to come together and help one another during this humanitarian crisis. Every citizen of the world should bring about a change in every way they can.  


Q.8 If you had to give a message to the leaders of the world, what would it be?

The leaders of the world need to witness people’s sufferings around the world and treat them like their own citizens and offer aid.


Q.9 What would be your message of love to fellow citizens of the world?

I’d like to thank people for offering help in every way they can. They need to believe that solutions will commence, someday.