Send your Letter of Love

A letter of love is a humble attempt at spreading smiles across refugee children, every New Year. It is a token of hope, personalised with your happy photograph and warm message, written by hand in Arabic and doodled with colours, that expresses solidarity with these children who bear the brunt of war they certainly didn’t start.

Guidelines for sending in your Letter of Love :

  1. Please upload a joyful photograph of you looking into the camera.
  2. Avoid those with sunglasses, materialistic or religious elements.
  3. We encourage those with smiles, wider the better.
  4. Kindly keep your message short (less than 50 words).
  5. Please write a message filled with love, hope and best wishes.
  6. Please avoid tones of sympathy or outrage.


To start sending your letters, please fill in the below details :