‘A small change can cause large consequences’. On that subtle flap of the butterfly, Pooja Pradeep primarily an engineer turned educator kicked off a vision to deliver an envelope that encompasses a simple postcard and a heartfelt message to children away from their humble abode. These children in today’s world are termed, Refugees. After witnessing a myriad horrific images of families and children fleeing their regular homes, surroundings, comfort zones in order to seek asylum in an environment that supports fundamental rights like liberty, peace , education and most significantly a plausible chance at survival, Pooja began the unprecedented campaign called the, Letters of Love during the year of 2015. In her TEDx talk at the GITAM University she said, “To make a difference, all you need to do is trigger one smile at a time”.

‘Letters of Love’ is a global initiative founded in the year of 2015 under the guidance of the (UNHCR) United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees- Gaziantep, Turkey. In the midst of the worst exodus, the world has ever witnessed the goal of this project is to rope in a ray of hope, optimism and trickle a sense of belief amongst the millions facing the crisis, conflict, and war through various tangents EVERY SINGLE DAY. All, with a help of just an ENVELOPE, yes an ENVELOPE. With a vague vision embedded with threads of humanity, ounces of compassion, walls of hurdles, and clocks of hard work the Letters of Love project has traveled miles and miles from the mark of its inception.

The justice league starring an astounding 35 members from across the global spectrum mend, manage, make and merry the dream, that is to achieve the display of happy teeth during the genesis of the year amongst the Syrian, Iraqi and Yazadi children located in Turkey and Jordan. Letters of Love in its pilot year was successful in making New Year (2016) enjoyable for 1,500 children and expressing solidarity with them at a global level, with tangible takeaways in the form of postcards with handwritten notes that oozed love, prayers, and hope and also donated funds worth Rs. 1.25 lakh. In it’s the second year (2017) the project succeeded in bringing smiles to 13,000 refugee children. With just a few days left to jump into a new year, the project aims at making a difference to 100,000 refugees. With new ideas brimming every day. With unreached destinations being explored every day, the team of Letters of Love aims to make a difference by stretching its arms and offering an ENVELOPE.