Raise Awareness

At the onset of an ongoing war & an exodus that has uprooted more than 11 million people from their own homeland by inhumane acts of terror; the Syrian war & its consequent refugee crisis is one of the most grueling humanitarian challenges we have ahead of us today. According to UNICEF, ‘Syria's children hit rock bottom in 2016, with more killed than in any other year of the civil war. At least 652 children died - 255 of them in or near a school - last year, a 20% jump from the number killed during 2015’. Apart from these painful statistics, it is also to be noted that 7 million, which is more than half of the total refugees having fled from Syria, are innocent little children who are bearing the brunt of a war they certainly didn't start. Along with these children seeking safety in the nearby regions, are large numbers of Iraqi, Afghani and Yazidi refugees as well.

Sensitising yourself those around you towards such crises is a crucial step in empathising with the victims and of being fully aware of our privilege so as to use it in the best way possible. In doing so, you're cultivating & celebrating empathy, a life-skill highly undermined in today’s educational system and society.

Through our carefully drafted sensitisation modules developed Letters of Love expert Curriculum Team, you shall be throwing light on each and every individual's potential as a change agent and help them discover the difference they’re capable of creating in making this world a better place to live in.

 This is indeed the first step in enabling humanity.

Join us in finding the ‘lost generation’.