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"I have been following the movement since 2015 and I am quite amazed by the spontaneous gesture of goodwill, hope and friendship in order to reach (Syrian) refugee children in different parts of the world, all the way. I like the pure simplicity of the action and the sense of creating bonds, through letters. Thank you, Letters of Love, for solidarity and joy!"

Zeynep İclal İncioğlu

Ex. Assistant Community Services Officer UNHCR Gaziantep, Turkey / Social psychologist / Humanitarian worker

"When I first heard about Letters of Love initiative, I needed some time to understand what it meant and how it is going to work. I was working as Community Centre Manager in Hatay with Support to Life and it was the second year we were cooperating. Once we have received so many letters by post, coming from all over the world to this little neighbourhood at Syrian border, we, as the staff of the Community Centre, were very excited and eager to transfer these letters to the children visiting our Centre on a daily basis. When children received their letters, you could see the excitement in their eyes. A letter, written in Arabic as well, coming from so far away, sharing the joy of New Years is inspiring.This year, for the third time, our children will receive the Letters of Love. They've already gotten used to it and look forward to this time of the year... I hope that eventually this initiative turns into a regular connection for children from different cultures and includes all displaced or disadvantaged children around the world.Thanks to everyone involved. "

Hatem Efe Keller

Program Manager, Support to Life

"We will be receiving and distributing Letters of Love for the 3rd year in 2018 to refugee children we serve to at the Association for Solidarity for Asylum Seekers and Migrants in Turkey. The beauty of this project is that it shows how you can reach out to someone you don't even know and even though they are at the other side of the world and somehow make a connection. I am grateful to be a part of it and really glad to see that each year it reaches to more and more children, makes them smile and connects them to people and geographies that are unknown to them. Looking forward to see how Letters of Love will continue to grow and evolve in the upcoming years."" "


Peacebuilding Officer (Multi-Service Center for Syrian Refugees),Association for Solidarity with Asylum Seekers and Migrants [ASAM]

"Letters of Love has certainly cheered up these gray days for the children at the camp and instilled hope in them. It's a wonderful sight! Thank you so much for organising such a meaningful project."

Aysenur Tekagac

Diyarbakır Project Manager, Support To Life [STL]

"I think this initiative was the need of the hour! Looking around us, we see more people complaining about what's happening around them and lesser people who are actually doing something about it. So kudos to Pooja for stepping forward and coming up with Letters of Love.The sensitization module designed for the use of educators worked wonderfully with the students of my classes. They were taken aback on knowing the situation of the refugee children and at the same time felt privileged to be safe and sound in this country.As a teacher, I feel it is very important to inculcate empathy in our children which unfortunately the current education system does not focus on in the syllabus. Letters of love initiative has not only made the children aware of what's happening around them but also made them believe that no matter how small a step is, it does make a difference and can change someone's life."

Stuffin Machado

Teacher, Gopi Birla Memorial School, Mumbai

" Letters of Love was an opportunity to teach empathy and sympathy to our members. All of them are Syrian-Armenians who moved to Armenia due to the ongoing war. Most of them share the same feelings with any Syrian citizen that left the country, and had to go through the hardship of moving and integration. The letters they wrote were very emotional and heartwarming. I could see the spark in every kids eye and the happy faces they had. We hope our letter will draw a smile on every single kids face and we hope to see them happy.

Houry Pilibbossian

Executive Director - YMCA - Syrian Armenians

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Here's what's NEW

Do you know what's more precious than gifting a trauma-stricken child a handwritten colourful postcard on New Year's ?! A #friend to cherish for a lifetime :)

Letters of Love's #PenPalProject is here :D <3 In collaboration with Clap Global, an ed-company that leverages foreign travellers in local classrooms, we shall be taking Sensitisation Sessions in select schools in Mumbai, India, and will be mapping each student with a child entrapped by war #inSyria, under siege #inGaza or those seeking refuge #inTurkey .
In a nutshell, each student is mapped to a specific child. Letters of Love from the students will be distributed to their pen pals on New Year's. Our Implementation Partners or Clap Travellers in the region will be facilitating a session and shall encourage the children to write back to their Pen Pals in Mumbai. The Letters of Love will be sent back to their respective pen pals :)

Here's to fostering unimaginable friendships <3

Letters of Love hits a new milestone with mobilising resources and networks to deliver your tokens of hope to a handful of children entrapped by war #inSyria and those under siege #inGaza, this New Year.
Letters of Love is partnering with Azaad Pakistan & Human Relief Foundation to make a difference to the fastest growing Rohingya refugee crisis and spread joy to the 340,000 refugee children in Bangladesh and those arriving, fleeing from the ethnic cleansing in Myanmar, as you read this.

A joint statement issued by the UNHCR stated that after violence broke out in Myanmar’s Rakhine state on 25 August, more than 700,000 Rohingya refugees crossed into neighbouring Bangladesh in less than five weeks. Tens of thousands of refugees have arrived since, fleeing discrimination, violence and persecution, as well as isolation and fear. The speed and scale of the influx made it the world’s fastest growing refugee crisis and a major humanitarian emergency.
Having resettled Syrian refugee children in Armenia write to their contemporaries who are still refugees is an important connection worth exploring according to Houry Pilibbossian, Executive Director of YMCA - Syrian Armenians . She says, " Letters of Love's sensitisation session is a great opportunity for the Syrian Armenian children to appreciate what they have and not take anything for granted and of course, empathize with the Syrian refugee children!"

Eagerly awaiting more of her insights and what the Syrian Armenian children have written in their Letters of Love ❤️
Implementation partner #2

Project Amal ou Salam, meaning Project Hope and Peace, is a grassroots organization dedicated to empowering Syria’s children to rebuild their country and work for peace. This is done through day camps with Syrian children, material donations (such as coloring books, games, and sports equipment), holiday events, and monetary support of schools both inside and out of Syria.

Letters of Love is partnering with them for the 2nd year to deliver New Year Postcards to the hundreds of children they tend to.
Implementation partner #2 , for the 3rd year in a row :)

💕 Association for Solidarity with Asylum Seekers and Migrants 💕 SGDD - ASAM ASAM is a non-profit humanitarian, non-governmental organization concerned with refugees, asylum seekers and internally displaced persons regardless of race, religion, nationality or political conviction, and it is also to defend the human rights of migrants in Turkey.
We celebrate Sneya Newalkar, a passionate teacher at Dubai Scholars Private School, for adopting our critical thinking and empathy inspiring sensitisation module in her classroom and helping them create Letters of Love for their Syrian friends.

The messages written by these tiny tots are nothing short of inspiring!
Excited and grateful to share the update that we are now an official member of UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency 's #WithRefugee #Coalition

We're now alongside 200 other diverse organisations doing remarkable work to support refugees around the world. We need your support now more than ever :)

Join us by signing the petition here : http://www.unhcr.org/withrefugees/petition/

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